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Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures


Fernando Degiovanni

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Silvia Dapia

Oswaldo Zavala

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Latin American Languages and Societies | Latin American Literature | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies


truth, memory, Andes, internal war, Peruvian Literature, Shining Path


This dissertation analyzes the productions of official truth in the positivist paradigm of the social sciences and those of literary truth in the context of the most recent Peruvian internal war (1980-2000), between the state and the subversive groups of the Communist Party of Peru-Shining Path (SL) and the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA).

It has been essential to analyze these truths, its hegemony of power and its cultural phenomena, to study the discursive forms produced in the literary archive. Hence, this research has examined multiple ways in which literary discourse has materialized during and after the war period. Thus, the short novel Adiós, Ayacucho by Julio Ortega, the novel Rosa Cuchillo by Óscar Colchado, the theatrical version of Antígona by José Watanabe and Yuyachkani group, and the poetry collection Ya nadie incendia el mundo by Victoria Guerrero have been analyzed in this dissertation as devices of truth. These literary productions were, in many ways, symbolic systems of resistance, but at the same time, consequences of the power of the State and the factic powers of the Peruvian social elites.

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