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Dorothy Neave-DiToro

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Speech Pathology and Audiology


autism spectrum disorder, cochlear implants, behavior


The purpose of this literature review was to establish what is currently known about behavioral outcomes of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and cochlear implants (CIs). Sixteen articles were included in this review. The areas investigated were behavioral changes postimplantation, as determined by subjective and objective measures, mode of communication used by children with ASD and CIs, and effects of additional comorbidities on these outcomes. Considerations for CI use for children with ASD include potential hypersensitivity to auditory stimuli, inability to complete performance measures, and markedly slower progress than their typically developing peers. Many of the studies included in this review show that children with ASD and hearing loss can benefit from CI use. On subjective measures, improvements in reaction to sounds, name, and music, as well as reduced anxiety were reported by parents or caregivers, while objective measures showed no change, or an increase in behaviors postimplantation. The greatest number of children used a combination of communication modalities (37.4%), followed by oral language (34.1%). The results of this literature review indicate that the behavioral aspects of CI in children with ASD require further investigation.