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Capstone Project

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Digital Humanities


Maura Smale

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Curriculum and Instruction | Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Digital Humanities | Educational Technology


game, creation, writing, identity, technology, pedagogy


This work fully analyzes the creation process and implementation of a deeply-structured social commentary in the form of a digital interactive-fiction, created in the open software known as Twine. My co-developer, Raven Gomez, and I created a game that explores the challenges of navigating spaces within higher education as someone who identifies as something considered to be “other” by the standards of the common Western curriculum. Once the infrastructure of the product itself is outlined, this work follows students in an English Composition I course throughout their experiences creating digital interactive-fiction games based on pivotal moments in their lives that shaped an aspect of their current identities. The unit in which this digital project is implemented is supported by themes of identity, social issues, and our relationships with technology not only as scholars but as a society as well. This project was created with the goal of integrating game studies under the wider tent of digital humanities into undergraduate-level courses, creating a case for using other technological mediums as an alternative form of scholarly communication.

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