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Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Literatures & Languages


Carolyn Ríchmond

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Juan González-Millán

Thomas Mermall

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Latin American Languages and Societies


The purpose of this interdisciplinary study is to document and explain the influence of silent film on the vanguard works of three outstanding Spanish prose writers—Francisco Ayala, Antonio Espina, and Benjamin Jarnes—during the 1920s, as well as on essays of theirs that appeared in Revista de Occidente and La Gaceta Literaria. Three aspects of film of particular importance to the analysis of these writers' works are: movies as a social phenomenon, Hollywood film stars, and the influence of film on their narrative techniques.

An examination of the main cultural and film magazines of that decade, as well as of the Golden Age of American and European silent film, places this study in a socio/cultural context. Some of the debates that the Seventh Art raised in the Spanish literary and film circles were cinema v. theatre, silent film v. talkies, and the relationship between the new medium and its audience.


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