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Thom Thurston

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Francesc Ortega

Yochanan Shachmurove

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Growth and Development | International Economics


Export Specialization, Comparative Advantage, Sectoral Labor Reallocation


A recent and growing literature analyzes differential growth across regions of Asia, Latin America, and Sub Saharan Africa. The structural change of labor reallocation is an important determinant of growth in developing countries having large productivity gaps across sectors within the border. Therefore, sectoral characteristics are still an important determinant of cross-region studies. In addition, it is well-known that labor reallocation across economic sectors does not automatically occur without external shocks, especially from international trade.

However, recent studies debate the importance of trade policy as more research focuses on the cost of transportation and communication in international trade and economic geography (Goldberg and Pavcnik, 2016). I contribute to this discussion by providing the evidence of TE improvement and labor reallocation induced by lower trade protections and export specialization.

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