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Vinod M. Menon

Committee Members

Swapan K. Gayen

Matthew Y. Sfeir

German V. Kolmakov

Li Ge

Subject Categories

Condensed Matter Physics | Optics


organic cavity polaritons, strong coupling, light matter interaction, polariton propagation


Strong light-matter coupling in excitonic systems results in the formation of half-light half-matter quasiparticles called exciton polaritons. These hybrid quasiparticles take on the best of both systems, namely, the long-range propagation and coherence arising from the photonic component and the nonlinear interaction from the excitonic component. We develop methods for making high quality factor cavities and investigate the potential applications of these strongly coupled states arising specifically in organic molecular systems.

In the first project we investigate the potential of organic dye molecules to undergo condensation in an optical cavity at room temperature. The second study involves the use of the strongly coupled states to enhance energy transfer in organic molecular systems. Here, surface states called Tamm plasmon polaritons are used to realize propagating polaritons to aid in long range energy transfer. The third project is to realize long range propagating polaritons utilizing the surface plasmon modes that arise at the metallic surface.