Date of Degree


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Capstone Project

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Liberal Studies


Carrie Hintz

Subject Categories

Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Educational Leadership | Educational Methods | Educational Psychology


urban education, education, social emotional learning, school leadership, democratic schooling, public school


This project addresses concerns within inner-city public schools while restructuring how we facilitate learning in our school buildings. It provides an overview of continued research on challenges faced in public schools including reform policy (testing and curricular changes), privatization, day-to-day structures and how they impact the academic and social-emotional development of our students. By examining our current designs and policies, we are able to identify why and how these systems have not been beneficial to our students, and we are able to find basic solutions in supporting the holistic needs of our students. This project proposes a school plan which aims to implement democratic methods in the classroom, steer clear of the test-prep curriculum by providing a balance of authentic and multicultural content, and support the social-emotional needs of students by creating a culture of positivity and building a strong community. Each aspect of the school has been thoroughly planned to ensure balance of power in leadership, true rigor in learning, and maintenance of both emotional and physical safety of students.