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Liberal Studies


Amy Herzog

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Digital Humanities | Film and Media Studies


videographic criticism, video essay, essay film, film criticism, digital publishing


In the 2010s, an academic practice called “videographic criticism,” utilizing video essay creation and digital academic publishing, became a popular form of film criticism in the field of film studies. The emergence of such a videographic trend in academia and the existence of video essays in public video-sharing websites have made the task of justifying the scholarly values of video essays an urgent one. Through the analysis of the relationship between the video essay and the essay film, this study shows that the essayistic mode is crucial to distinguish videographic criticism from popular commentary. To understand the potentials of videographic criticism as an alternative academic writing method, this study also demystifies the advantages of writing with moving images and the changing role of a videographic critic as a video editor and a film critic. Finally, using the journal in[Transition] as a case study, my research investigates the functions of the peer review for videographic criticism and the labor of making scholarly video essays and offers means to further democratize the form in the future.