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Liberal Studies


Susan A. Dumais

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Academic Advising | Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Leadership | Educational Psychology | Higher Education Administration | Urban Education


Brooklyn College, High School Equivalency, Access, Support Services


This paper reviews the creation and practices of the Brooklyn College BC Bound Program, focusing on its mission and structure. The BC Bound Program is a one-semester service at Brooklyn College that admits and supports individuals with their high school equivalency diploma. Through an interview with a coordinator of the program and students who completed the BC Bound Program in their first semester, we can understand its positive impact on college students in their first semester and beyond. Program structure is key in analyzing the process by which the BC Bound program is and can be implemented effectively. Under the direction of Dr. Sharona A. Levy, the BC Bound Program continues to recruit, educate, and support accomplished college students. This thesis depicts a well-structured, effective program that can be used as a model for supporting students with high school equivalency diplomas in higher education.