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Capstone Project

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Barbara Weinstein

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Communication Sciences and Disorders | Speech and Hearing Science | Speech Pathology and Audiology


End-of-life care, hospice, palliative care, hearing, hearing loss, communication


The prevalence of hearing loss increases with age, with age-related hearing loss (ARHL) being one of the most prevalent forms of sensory decline in older adults. Hearing loss is often overlooked in medical settings including palliative and hospice care. Screening for hearing loss in these settings is rare as is formal staff training on assessing and managing hearing loss in palliative and hospice care. An evidence-based toolkit for integrating audiologists into end-of-life care protocols is presented. This toolkit was developed to optimize communication in palliative and hospice care for patients, caregivers, audiologists, physicians, and other palliative care staff. Effective communication has been identified as an important tool for the acceptance of the impending death, for easing suffering, and for connecting at the end of life, both for the individuals that are dying, as well as their family and caregivers.