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Liberal Studies


Mark Ungar

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Asian Studies | Conflict of Laws | Environmental Studies | Human Geography | International Humanitarian Law | Latin American Studies | Other Anthropology | Other Geography | Physical and Environmental Geography | Social and Cultural Anthropology


Migration, Middle East, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, Honduras, displacement, moving, conflict


What is causing the surge in human displacement around the world? Large-scale displacement in Syria, Yemen, Honduras, and Venezuela has generated unprecedented humanitarian crises in Latin America and the Middle East as millions of displaced people end up as refugees or immigrants. Humanitarian organizations like the UNHCR and host countries have had their resources overextended by these ongoing crises, and there is no end in sight. This thesis shows that contemporary human displacement is rooted in the increasing inability of governments to manage their societies amid great political demands and socio-economics strains. These causes are difficult to tackle because they require far-reaching reforms in these countries’ governments and economies. While humanitarian aid is a beneficial stop-gap measure to help displaced people, it is a temporary solution. As this thesis will show, the only way to protect people in the long-term is by working with the global communities to promote representative leadership and peaceful resolution of political differences. The global community can also offer support to the government to prevent militias and splinter groups from challenging its authority and putting the lives of citizens at risk.