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Capstone Project

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Liberal Studies


Carrie Hintz

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Other Arts and Humanities


Childhood studies, zines, indie publishing, publishing, artist books, children


This Capstone seeks: to provide a review of the field of children’s literature, with a specific focus on the ways that the mainstream publishing industries are driven by market forces, embed messages of Aetonormativity, Maria Nikolajeva’s (2009) term to describe the belief that adult experiences are normative and superior to the inferior and deviant experiences of children, and participate in the hegemonic control of children through socialization; to share my personal journey away from mass marketed picture books and towards independent publishing entities and New York City’s zine community; to provide a history of indie publishing and zine counterculture, including the ways these spaces have and have not historically made room for children’s voices; and to detail the platform and publishing project I initiated to make more space for child artists and authors within the world of indie publishing, named Childish Books. Under the banner of Childish Books, I have created a website to review and aggregate books, and a publishing branch to produce alternative materials for and by children.


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