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Dorothy Neave-DiToro

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Brett Martin

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Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Communication Sciences and Disorders | Speech and Hearing Science | Speech Pathology and Audiology


tinnitus, alternative tinnitus treatment, sound therapy, yoga, music therapy


Tinnitus is described as a sound perceived by an individual that has no external source. Some individuals with tinnitus can habituate to this phantom sound, while others become emotionally disturbed by it. There are several theories which attempt to rationalize the cause of tinnitus, and various treatments which aim to eliminate, mask, or facilitate habituation to one’s tinnitus. Current common treatments include sound therapies and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), either in isolation or in combination with one another. However, not all these treatments aim to address the emotional impact of tinnitus. Novel treatments are emerging, with some attempting to reduce the emotional impact tinnitus may have on the individual by utilizing sound in a therapeutic manner and incorporating CBT or other mindfulness-based treatments. More research is required to confirm the efficacy of current and novel treatments. Based on the findings of this literature review, CBT and mindfulness-based treatments are most promising in their ability to reduce the emotional distress some individuals with tinnitus are facing.