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Emily Jones

Committee Members

Patricia D'Ateno

Laura Seiverling

Keith Williams

Valerie Volkert

Subject Categories

Applied Behavior Analysis


telehealth, food selectivity, caregiver training, behavioral skills training, general-case training, alternatives to escape extinction


Telehealth behavioral interventions are becoming increasingly necessary given limited accessibility for in-person services; while there is a growing evidence-base for these interventions, there are few applications for pediatric feeding disorders. Those studies that have evaluated telehealth feeding interventions have done so only after children received some form of in-person services. The purpose of this study was to evaluate a telehealth caregiver training package to teach caregivers to implement an alternative to escape extinction feeding intervention in their home to treat their child’s food selectivity. All three caregivers demonstrated high levels of correct performance following training and all children demonstrated increases in the number of bites consumed and decreases in disruptive behaviors. Findings suggest telehealth caregiver training may be a viable option to treat food selectivity.

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