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Capstone Project

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Liberal Studies


Deborah L. Vietze

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Academic Advising | Educational Technology | Higher Education | Liberal Studies


podcast, higher education, student services, student affairs, academic advising


What do we know about orienting college students on how to successfully manage the college experience? With this podcast, I aim to answer that question. The podcast aims to serve two purposes. The first purpose is to transmit the information to the students. The secondary purpose is to support student development by increasing knowledge about a wide range of topics as well as available services and resources. The goal is for students to become more aware of how they can access and use these services most effectively and how to manage their time to access essential services that support their success in college. Use this link to access the podcast:

The College Experience Ep 1 Nutrition.mp3 (23320 kB)
Episode 1 - Nutrition

The College Experience Ep 2 Social Justice.mp3 (19013 kB)
Episode 2 - Social Justice

The College Experience Ep 3 Mental Health.mp3 (21518 kB)
Episode 3 - Mental Health

The College Experience Ep 4 Organization.mp3 (30269 kB)
Episode 4 - Organization

The College Experience Ep 5 Careers.mp3 (20319 kB)
Episode 5 - Careers