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Digital Humanities


Matthew K. Gold

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Digital Humanities | Education


digital pedagogy, K-12 education, digital humanities, OER


The COVID-19 pandemic created the need for a necessarily steep increase in technology use among K-12 teachers around the world, as education shifted suddenly to remote learning in the early spring of 2020 and then to a mix of remote, hybrid, and in-person learning where it remains. Over the same time period, events in the United States sharply increased the visibility of systemic racism, particularly against Black and Asian American citizens—racism that, like all social biases, is often replicated or intensified through misapplications or uncritical uses of technology, data gathering, and analysis. The rapid development of teachers’ practical skills and the backdrop of the social upheaval both came with little time or cognitive energy for teachers to plumb the underpinning philosophy that shapes the important critical evaluation of technology into effective teaching and learning while mitigating the digital replication of injustice—the digital pedagogy that can shape the use of digital tools now and in the future, regardless of classroom setting.

This project is intended to serve as an open starting point for exploring that philosophy. Created for teachers of students K-12, the open resource defines and investigates discrete components of digital pedagogy (such as OER, collaboration, and mapping), providing curricular examples and applications and pointing users to scholarship in the field, all while inviting active participation and community-building in the form of comments, reading groups, additions, or shared remixes.

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