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Girl Friends

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Capstone Project

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Liberal Studies


Jean Halley

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Women's Studies


women, friendship, feminism, New York


Friendships between women are common and essential parts of women's lives; however, they are often overlooked. This capstone project titled Girl Friends is a film on which eight women are interviewed and asked about their friendships with other women. They discuss the importance of having female friends and how they create love, support, and companionship. The interviewees also talk about female friendships and romantic partners coexisting, the pressures to find a romantic partner to find fulfillment, as opposed to good friends. Additionally, they describe how friendships between women can be competitive and catty, and how female relationships can change as they grow up. The interviewees go over female relationships in TV Shows and Movies and give their opinions on whether they believe if these relationships are accurate or not. Finally, the interviewees talk about how they believe friendships between women can be feminist. This capstone project highlights the positive impact that female friendships have had in the interviewees' lives and encourages women to regard their girlfriends as significant parts of their lives.

Girl Friends - Camila Santander Capstone Film.mp4 (2514586 kB)
Girl Friends - Camila Santander Capstone Film