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Liberal Studies


Tomoaki Imamichi

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Agricultural and Resource Economics | Environmental Studies | Food Security | Food Studies | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Justice


Food production, Food distribution, Food security, Displacement, Territorial sovereignty, Social Justice, Environmental Justice.


This thesis intends to offer an integral view of the reality of food production and distribution in the Cauca Department in Colombia, observing the different practices that have caused deep social and environmental struggles including systemic violence, displacement and environmental degradation. The first two chapters will offer a global and national context of food production to better understand the many challenges that rural populations endure in rural Cauca. Chapters four and five will explore some resistance strategies and movements that rural communities in Cauca and other Colombian regions have developed to fight against corporate agro-industrial dominance so they can protect their identity and territories through agroecological principles. The values that surround food production and consumption among Indigenous, Afro-descendant and farmer communities have maintained a legacy of cultural identity and food sovereignty that still provides food security among rural and urban populations, making these practices an essential part of Colombia’s social structure.