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Liberal Studies


Shifra Sharlin

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Epistemology | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Philosophy


diaspora, feminist epistemology, liminal feminist, radical possibilities, subjectivity, unintelligibility


Within this liminal feminist survival guide I present a collection of personal experiences and analysis of these moments in order to elucidate how and when violence occurs. I foreground my thought process and the ideas and figures that keep me hopeful, help remind me that our world is not concrete but instead changing, shifting, and malleable. What follows is a necessarily partial (and somewhat useless, somewhat useful) survival guide for liminal feminists, those who exist on the edges of boundaries and encounter all of the possibilities and fears that come with such a position. I present not so much a prescriptive guide, but rather a series of questions and explorations of the systematic, rhetorical, and epistemological foes that hide in plain sight, in our bodies, in our memories, as well as tools and ways of viewing that might challenge the authority of such foes.