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Capstone Project

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Brett Martin

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Rehabilitation and Therapy


vestibular rehabilitation, virtual reality, dizziness, Cawthorne-Cooksey


Virtual reality is an innovative form of technology that has been used more and more in vestibular rehabilitation therapy programs for individuals with chronic balance problems. Blender and Unity game engines were used to create a 3D interactive virtual reality video game intended for Oculus devices in order for individuals to utilize the game to perform vestibular rehabilitation exercises. The activities in the video game are based on the Cawthorne-Cooksey exercises commonly used in vestibular rehabilitation. The exercises target eye movement, head movement, stretch movement, and bilateral coordination; repetitive motion is used to help train and treat the individual’s vestibular dysfunction in an engaging game environment.

Virtual reality-based vestibular rehabilitation has the capacity to create enjoyable and effective rehabilitation experiences for patients experiencing chronic dizziness. If used consistently, virtual reality-based therapy has the potential to reduce the symptoms of dizziness, as with traditional vestibular rehabilitation.

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Kaganskiy VR game

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