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Political Science


Alan DiGaetano

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Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Methods | Elementary Education | Humane Education | Secondary Education | Social Justice


Education reform, charter schools, No Excuses, Black children


The No Excuses model of education has routinely been labeled abusive and harmful to students. The No Excuses model has garnered significant pushback from students, families, and stakeholders because of procedures and policies that have caused physical, mental, and bodily harm to young students. While many education stakeholders have examined how No Excuses charters and their policies have harmed Black children, not many have examined why. This paper argues that the No Excuses charter model is completely at odds with Black cultural and educational values. This paper suggests deeper studies of the educational mindsets and opinions of No Excuses proponents and stakeholders, extensive quantitative data on the mental health of students within No Excuses Charter Schools, more in-depth studies on the unique learning styles of students within the Black community, and a deeper understanding of the moral education of students in No-Excuses Charter Schools.