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Steven G. Greenbaum

Committee Members

Sophia N. Suarez

Ying-Chih Chen

Yuhang Ren

Song H. Chung


Magnetic Resonance, NMR, Batteries, Energy Storage


Nowadays there is serious concern as to how much longer the world’s consumption of fossil fuels can continue as regards its effects on the environment. Renewable forms of energy are being looked at attentively. However, for a continuous use of intermittent sources, storage of energy is necessary. For this reason, batteries, fuel cells, and capacitors still objects of intense research with the aim of further improving their properties and features.

In this research work, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopic techniques were used to study materials for use as electrolytes in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and materials for use as dielectrics in thin film capacitors. Structural and dynamic properties were determined using several NMR techniques such as static, pulse field gradient (PFG) diffusion, fast field cycling (FFC) relaxometry and solid state NMR to understand the relationships between microscopic and macroscopic properties of the materials described within. Works discussed in this thesis include investigations of ionic liquid electrolytes and ionic liquid based solid state electrolytes, studies of polymer gel electrolytes and

investigation of the phase structure and orientation effects of poly (vinylidenefluoride) (PVDF) films prepared under uniaxial and biaxial tension by solid state 19F and 1H static NMR.