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Michal Kruk

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Shuiqin Zhou

Robert Messinger

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Materials Chemistry | Polymer Chemistry


triblock copolymer, nanomaterial, mesoporous material, Pluronic surfactant, silica, organosilica


In this dissertation, the research work focused on the application of Pluronic triblock copolymers, poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO-PPO-PEO), in the synthesis of mesoporous material, such as double-helical silica nanotube structures as well as bridged organosilica nanotubes by using swollen micelles of Pluronic surfactants and their mixtures. Chapter 1 introduced the background and several important mesoporous structures, and the relevant topics in this dissertation, such as, silica nanotubes, helical silica nanotubes, silica vesicles and organosilica nanotubes. Chapter 2, continued research works from earlier published paper (ACS Nano 2021, 15, 1016-1029), discussed static treatment and stirring effect on the formation of double-helical silica nanotube structures. Chapter 3 discussed the double helical structures surface-modified by amino group by using 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) as co-precursor. Organosilica nanotubes were discussed from Chapter 4 to Chapter 6. Chapter 4 described synthesis of ethylene-bridged organosilica nanotubes using single Pluronic surfactant P104, while Chapter 5 discussed the synthesis of large and tunable ethylene-bridged organosilica nanotubes using mixed Pluronic surfactants (F108 and P104). In Chapter 6, the synthesis of other bridged organosilica nanotubes using mixed surfactants templating systems (F108 / P104). Chapter 7 provides a summary of the work.

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