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Capstone Project

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Data Analysis & Visualization


Timothy Shortell


Happiness, Report, Machine Learning, Policy changes, Statistical model, visualization


United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network publishes the World Happiness Report. It started with the UN General Assembly's resolution in 2011, adopting a holistic definition of development and encouraging the member countries to measure their people's happiness. The report ranks the countries based on a Happiness Index. This index rates countries' happiness on a scale from 0 to 10. The scores are based on answers to the main life evaluation question asked in the poll. The World Happiness Report recognizes certain key factors that likely explain the variance in happiness. However, none of these factors are comprehensive or exhaustive. These factors do not measure individual satisfaction. This Capstone Project intends to explore the factors that increase and decrease the quality of life and an individual's well-being. This project uses machine learning algorithms and data visualizations to explore how these factors correlate to the happiness index. The code repository is available at the following GitHub site: https://github.com/dassuparna/Capstone-Project.git

Happiness.ipynb (647 kB)
Software codes in the jupyter notebook containing the machine learning algorithms

2019.csv (8 kB)
This input data file is from World Happiness data (year 2019)

EducationData.csv (2 kB)
The input data file containing the list of countries with the education score

gender_development.csv (4 kB)
The input data file containing the Gender Development score of the listed countries

Living standards.csv (3 kB)
The input data file containing the living standard rank of the listed countries

Pol Stab.csv (4 kB)
The input data file containing the political ranking of the listed countries

relig_iso.csv (2 kB)
The input data file containing the religion ranking of the listed countries

Time-Spent-On-Leisure.xlsx (11 kB)
The input data file containing the time spent on different activities by the population of the listed countries