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Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures


Fernando Degiovanni

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Magdalena Perkowska

Oswaldo Zavala

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Latin American Languages and Societies | Latin American Literature | Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature


Latin América, Peruvian, Literature, History of Ideas, Affects, Disciplines


My dissertation examines Jose de la Riva-Aguero and Luis Alberto Sanchez’s studies on Peruvian literature at the turn of the 20th century. Their texts not only established the characteristics of Peruvian literature and the methods required for their study but also argued that teaching it at the university level had practical implications for national life. This is why Riva-Agüero’s El carácter de la literatura en el Perú independiente (1905) and Sanchez’s La literatura peruana (1928-1929) sought to establish a social psychology that would be able to offer a diagnostic of the nation. In the case of Riva-Agüero, this was geared towards administering corrective measures to defective conducts, while for Sanchez it entailed forming part of the emancipation process of oppressed subjectivities. By analyzing their diverging solutions, my dissertation examines intellectual traditions at different instances of institutional life in the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos: in the case of El carácter, regarding the governmental ideas of the Civilista Party, and in La literatura regarding the dissident positions associated with the 1919 University Reform. On the other hand, they are also proof of the lengthy and detailed ways in which Civilista disputes affected the intellectual life of the Peruvian university.

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