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Capstone Project

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Digital Humanities


Aránzazu Borrachero

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Digital Humanities | European History


Albania, postwar, Europe


Festivali11 is a digital project that aims to highlight the experiences of Albanian women during the communist period by collecting, digitizing and publishing oral histories for an Albanian and international audience. The heart of the project, which is hosted at www.festivali11.com, is a collection of educational materials built from two digitized interviews with an Albanian woman that describe her experiences during this period.

The project aims to showcase the potential of oral history in centralizing the experience of marginalized people in historical narratives and to provide contextualized, multimedia information and resources about this topic to an international public and facilitate academic research. The goal of Festivali11’s publication of primary sources and educational materials is to build interest on this period and bring to light the experiences of women that have been left out of narratives of the country under Enver Hoxha’s regime (1944-1985).


Online component: https://festivali11.com/

This work is embargoed and will be available for download on Monday, September 30, 2024

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