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Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures


Fernando Degiovanni

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Isolina Ballesteros

José del Valle

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Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Latin American Literature | Spanish Literature


Spanish Republican Exile, feminisms, women's writers, Argentine mass media


My doctoral dissertation examines the cultural participation of women writers of the Spanish Republican exile during the period they resided in Argentina, which spanned between the end of the conservative governments of the so-called Década Infame (1930-43) and the 1962 civic-military coup that overthrew President Arturo Frondizi. In particular, my research explores what exile entails for these women in terms of the reconfiguration of their intellectual profile and feminist militancy, as they brought their ideas to magazines and the radio. Their respective trajectories as women of letters involved in feminism -consolidated before exile- take on novel forms once incorporated into Argentina’s social and cultural milieu.

Through the analysis of the contributions of Clara Campoamor (1888-1972), María Teresa León (1903-1988) and María Martínez Sierra (1874-1974) to magazines and radio, I argue that their exile should be conceptualized as a "exilio proactivo", which gave them agency and allow them access to broader and newer audiences. The feminist militancy of these writers transcends lettered institutional spaces during their exile as they engage in what I call a “militancia mediática”: a form of dissemination of their feminist ideas through the mass media and where the women in the audience are both subject and object of consumption.

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