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Capstone Project

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Biography and Memoir


André Aciman

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Art Practice | Comparative Literature | Creative Writing | Latin American Languages and Societies | Nonfiction


Dominican Republic, memory, motherhood, family, history, life


My capstone project is a memoir of my mother in a letter format, where I tell my mother the story she forgot, who she was, where we were, and where we’re headed. After my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2013, my focus on telling my family history shifted from research of the family to recovery. The loss of my mother's insight and recollections prompted a shift in the narrative. She, one of the main characters in my story, became my most important audience. In a photo album approach, I aim to rebuild what seems lost. I am keeping the intergenerational path open by retelling her what she told me. This is a memoir for her and for me, in case I also need to remember.

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