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Capstone Project

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Data Analysis & Visualization


Eleanor Frymire

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Data Science | Social Statistics | Technology and Innovation


Social Impact, Robotics, Labor, Employment, Market, Data, Analysis, Visualization


Robotics have been introduced into the workplace to perform tasks that human beings have traditionally fulfilled. Complementing or substituting human labor with robotics eliminates human involvement in functions attributable to hazardous environments, heavy lifting, toxic substances, and repetitive low-level tasks. On the other hand, they are meant to be more efficient and cost-effective, saving money, time, and labor. However, since the introduction of robotics in the workforce, societal opposition has been towards this branch of technology in fear of losing employment, wages, and purpose.

Previous studies have reported an overarching societal fear that adopting robotics in the workplace and industry will progressively reduce employment and wages. This project will address the social impact of robotics on the labor and employment market. For this project to be impactful and successful, it will create a narrative set of visualizations that will be accessible generally by both academic and professional audiences providing insight into

  • What are the positive or negative impacts of introducing or utilizing robotics into the workplace on employment and wages?
  • What has been the progression/transition that presents the adoption and induction of robotics and its effects on the labor and employment market?
  • Where in the world by industry are these robotic “industrial revolutions” mostly taking effect?

These visualizations can provide insights and answer how this branch of technology and automation will affect the current and future state of employment. What is the catalyst driving the need for this industrial revolution?

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