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Capstone Project

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International Migration Studies


Phillip Kasinitz

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Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Indigenous Studies | Latin American Languages and Societies | Latina/o Studies


El Salvador, Salvadoran, Nawat, Mesoamerica, indigenous, language, border, digital activism, revitalization


In this research project I seek to show how digital activism for Nawat revitalization can transcend beyond the Salvadoran borders. The goal is to show how the revitalization of Nawat can have a better chance to be successful thanks to technology. Nawat is the last indigenous language in El Salvador, and its position within Salvadoran society has been uncertain for many years. Thus, I aim to show how technological efforts can help revitalize Nawat language with the efforts that are already being done. Although El Salvador has had a dark ethnic history regarding indigenous people, there are actions being taken by the government to amend mistakes from the past. The main text documenting Nawat will be briefly discussed along with the most recent writing system for Nawat to become a written language. Additionally, the efforts made in different Latin American countries to maintain and revitalize indigenous languages will be compared and discussed along with those efforts being done in El Salvador so Nawat –a language with 200 speakers- can thrive.