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Data Analysis & Visualization


Ellie Frymire

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Broadcast and Video Studies | Critical and Cultural Studies | Discourse and Text Linguistics | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Other Arts and Humanities | Other Computer Engineering | Other Linguistics | Performance Studies | Social Influence and Political Communication | Speech and Rhetorical Studies


Stand-up Comedy, Comedy, Topic Analysis, Data, Machine Learning, Python, Data Visualization


Stand-up comedy has become an increasingly popular form of comedy in the recent years and comedians reach audiences beyond the halls they are performing through streaming services, podcasts and social media. While comedic performances are typically judged by how 'funny' they are, which could be proxied by the frequency and intensity of laughs through the performance, comedians also explore untapped social issues and provoke conversation, especially in this age where interaction with artists goes beyond their act. It is easy to see commonalities in the topics addressed in comedians’ work such as relationships, race and politics.This project provides an interactive and illustrative view into comedians and a topical analysis of stand-up comedy performances which can be viewed here.

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