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Social Welfare


Diane DePanfilis

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Barbra Teater

Mayra Lopez Humphreys

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Inequality and Stratification | Race and Ethnicity | Social Work


Housing, Segregation, Stratification, Latino, Latinx, Race


Housing discrimination has been an ethical, social, and economic blight on the American society. Among the negative outcomes of this practice are higher crime rates, lower educational attainment, and concentrated poverty. Beyond the moral injustice of this practice, housing discrimination adversely affects the socio-economic mobility of those victimized and this extends across generations. The research on the intersection of race and Latino identity demonstrates the complexity of the issue and suggests that an examination such as done in this study can add to the current knowledge. The purpose of this study was to determine what, if any, association race has on housing stratification for Latinos in NYS. It analyzed data based on the patterns of household race identifications among Latinos living in Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA). The operating hypothesis was that the same patterns of housing stratification that exist among the non-Latino populations will be found among the Latino population. The study used 2019, five-year (2015 – 2019, America Community Survey (ACS) data The independent variable in this analysis was ethno-racial identity. The dependent variable was housing stratification measured using the index of dissimilarity. Among all the Latino groups, White Latinos reflected the lowest dissimilarity score. Other Latinos scored 31.51 on the index of dissimilarity and, most notably, the highest score on the index was found among those that identified as Black Latinos at 32.75. All differences were found to be significant at p < 0.001.