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Urban Education


Limarys Caraballo

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Wendy Luttrell

Debbie Sonu

Melanie Bertrand

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Curriculum and Instruction | Teacher Education and Professional Development


youth participatory action research, teacher education, critical youth studies, affect theory


This study examines a cross-collaboration between early-career teachers enrolled in a graduate action research class and youth researchers taking part in a dual-enrollment youth participatory action research (YPAR) class at the same university. Grounded in critical youth studies, anti-colonial theories of the human, and queer-feminist studies in its approach to relationality, and drawing from transcripts of the combined class sessions and individual follow-up interviews, this critical narrative analysis seeks to understand how participants enact and experience the collaboration, with particular attention to how they understand and engage with one another. This study especially attends to the affective-discursive practices that participants take up in their collaboration and how these practices strengthen or threaten possibilities for solidarity. As well, it investigates how participants understand and make sense of these practices in light of their conceptions of youth, teaching, and schooling. This study’s implications broadly speak to possibilities for strengthening intergenerational coalitions for educational change, especially in teacher education and in contexts where youth are engaging in research and action for transformation.

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