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Biography and Memoir


Jason Tougaw

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identity, grief, relationality, family, memoir


In The Landscape of Daughterhood, Goldstone explores what it means to be a daughter with a flexible definition. Through the lenses of Judaism, Feminism, and general social expectations for family, these essays grapple with an identity that was taught to her, mired in tradition and the past, and one that she yearns to be free of, or at least, in control of, given who she is today and how she fits (or does not) into her family.

Goldstone’s essays interrogate ideas of preservation (of the self, and of the mother/daughter bond), nourishment, language, relationality and temporality as she works to redefine how she can be a motherless daughter with two living parents from whom she is mostly estranged, and two sisters (and five nieces and nephews) to whom she is still webbed and rooted.

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