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Capstone Project

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Liberal Studies


Tomoaki Imamichi

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Cognition and Perception | Environmental Studies | Other Psychology | Physical and Environmental Geography | Place and Environment | Social Justice | Tourism


environmental psychology, travel and tourism, future of travel, social and environmental justice, train travel


Long-distance train travel in the United States is slow, inefficient and woefully underfunded. Trains are routinely delayed for freight traffic. Many major cities are served in the middle of the night, or not at all. And the cost of a sleeping compartment is far out of reach for most Americans. This is all in stark contrast to the reliable services offered across Europe and parts of Asia. But for the 3.5 million people who ride Amtrak’s long-distance trains every year, the experience can be a fulfilling one. This web-based project, slowspeedrail.com, explores these benefits, namely, an intimacy with the landscape unique to other forms of travel, a closer connection to fellow passengers from different walks of life, and a state of mind where time seems warped, a welcome contrast to our ever-accelerating lives. At a time when air travel continues to endanger our warming planet, this topic is of increasing relevance.


Online component: https://www.slowspeedrail.com/

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