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Capstone Project

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Digital Humanities


Maura Smale

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Digital Humanities


AI, education, denmark


My goal with my capstone project is to give teachers inspiration and vocabulary to talk with students about technology's impact on our future society, especially focusing on AI as well as including data and algorithms. I have experienced as a teacher the challenges and barriers to incorporating these themes into my lesson plans, which was my start point for creating this project. I wish for teachers to use the educational material to reflect together with the students about AI-driven technologies and their affordances and bias as well as the impact on our future society at both the individual and community level. I argue that instead of banning the use of programs like ChatGPT, educational institutions, and teachers should rather create space to openly discuss and reflect on the knowledge production happening when they are in use.

Throughout the process of creating my capstone, I have learned more about programming as well as the dialectic process of creating both educational material and a website at the same time. The developed project should be looked upon as a pilot as I wish to get more feedback from students and teachers as well as potentially get other people or organizations on board the project.

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