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Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures


Fernando Degiovanni

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Magdalena Perkowska

Silvia Dapía

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Latin American Literature | Performance Studies


Silvestri; Temperley; Leminski; cuerpo; deporte; afecto


My dissertation studies the work of three performative figures from Latin America for whom physical practice is a fundamental issue of their artistic inquiries. In particular, it analyzes the ways in which writers and athletes Leonor Silvestri (Argentina), Héctor Benjamín Viel Temperley (Argentina), and Paulo Leminski (Brazil) problematize the body as the site of social and political experimentation over the last fifty years. By examining how these figures challenged liberal and neoliberal normative dictums about the place of the body, particularly in times of political repression, my research reflects on unauthorized exercises of bodily freedom and considers sport and physical practice as a way to instigate a shift in our habitual ways of thinking politically about freedom and alternative ideas of action and relationality in cultural practices.

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