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Karen Strassler

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maritime transportation, economic globalization, critical mobilities, technocapitalism and labor, supply chain dynamics and politics, social infrastructures and social logistics


This dissertation discusses the mobility politics of container shipping and argues that technological development, political-economic order, and social infrastructure co-produce one another. Containerization, the use of standardized containers to carry cargo across modes of transportation that is said to have revolutionized and globalized international trade since the late 1950s, has served to expand and extend the power of international coalitions of states and corporations to control the movements of commodities (shipments) and labor (seafarers). The advent and development of containerization was driven by a sociotechnical imaginary and international social contract of seamless shipping and cargo flows. In practice, this liberal, “level” system depends on asymmetrical power relations and uneven geographies, legalities, and mobilities to operationalize, as well as multiscalar motivation and negotiation to iron out its sociotechnical chokepoints. Logistics imperatives and technical governance of container shipping end up imposing forms of structural and symbolic violence on international seafarers as its hands-on operators, with the supply chain and crew change crises during the COVID-19 global pandemic being an exacerbation of longstanding systemic instabilities and injustices.

Through long-term ethnographic fieldwork conducted at ports in Asia and North America, on board, and online, I adopt a more-than-nonhuman approach to foreground the social embeddedness of so-called streamline shipping, an industry hailed as highly mechanized and technologized. I open the black box of containerization and shed light on the often-invisibilized “human element” of the industry, revealing the social costs, politics, and dynamics involved in the shipping system. In addition to understanding the mechanics of shipping operation, I investigate neoliberal trade policies, security paradigms and protocols, managerialist international conventions, circulationist business models, rationality of civil engineering, and other industrial discourses and practices that constitute containerization. I delineate the ontology of the container ship with its working seafarers by examining its Taylorist scientific management that, through disconnection, danger, and discipline, attempts to run the ship as a total institution across and beyond national jurisdictions. At the same time, I situate the ship in a sea of international social choreography, relations, and expectations, and scrutinize the role of various social infrastructures and social logistics in mitigating and facilitating labor exploitation.

Overall, this dissertation highlights that both the operational efficiencies that drive container shipping and the periodic crises that destabilize it are significantly borne on the backs of seafarers toiling out of sight, out of mind. The dissertation brings to the fore these marginalized maritime subjects – nowadays mostly men from the global south regions of Asia – by studying their ethnonationality, masculinist familism, shore-oriented aspirations for socioeconomic mobility, and intercrew and interport networks of constrained mobilization. I argue that these sociocultural rationales and processes are integral to the technical operation of international supply chains that sustain societies and economies around the world.

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