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Computer Science


Victor Pan

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Applied Mathematics | Computer Sciences


matrix computation, Preconditioning


Preconditioning is a classical subject of numerical solution of linear systems of equations. The goal is to turn a linear system into another one which is easier to solve. The two central subjects of numerical matrix computations are LIN-SOLVE, that is, the solution of linear systems of equations and EIGEN-SOLVE, that is, the approximation of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix. We focus on the former subject of LIN-SOLVE and show an application to EIGEN-SOLVE. We achieve our goal by applying randomized additive and multiplicative preconditioning. We facilitate the numerical solution by decreasing the condition of the coefficient matrix of the linear system, which enables reliable numerical solution of LIN-SOLVE. After the introduction in the Chapter 1 we recall the definitions and auxiliary results in Chapter 2. Then in Chapter 3 we precondition linear systems of equations solved at every iteration of the Inverse Power Method applied to EIGEN-SOLVE. These systems are ill conditioned, that is, have large condition numbers, and we decrease them by applying randomized additive preconditioning. This is our first subject.

Our second subject is randomized multiplicative preconditioning for LIN-SOLVE. In this way we support application of GENP, that is, Gaussian elimination with no pivoting, and block Gaussian elimination. We prove that the proposed preconditioning methods are efficient when we apply Gaussian random matrices as preconditioners. We confirm these results with our extensive numerical tests. The tests also show that the same methods work as efficiently on the average when we use random structured, in particular circulant, preconditioners instead, but we show both formally and experimentally that these preconditioners fail in the case of LIN-SOLVE for the unitary matrix of discreet Fourier transform, for which Gaussian preconditioners work efficiently.