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Capstone Project

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John P. Preece

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Speech Pathology and Audiology


Adults with post lingual single sided deafness experience a myriad of issues as a result of their condition. Speech perception in noise and localization are well documented as being compromised in this population due to the loss of binaural auditory input. Cochlear implantation was introduced in the 2000s as an experimental treatment option for suppression/abatement of tinnitus in individuals with SSD, with consistent demonstration in reduction of tinnitus severity. Most recently, the focus has shifted to the potential reintroduction of binaural effects, and subsequently, improvements in speech in noise and localization performance through this treatment modality. The present systematic review provides overwhelming evidence that indicates cochlear implantation is a viable and effective treatment method for this population in terms of suppression/abatement of ipsilateral tinnitus, restoration of localization ability and for speech performance in various speech/noise configurations.

Poster for capstone


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