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Liberal Studies


Chiseche Mibenge

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Comparative Politics | Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence | International Relations | Near and Middle Eastern Studies | Other International and Area Studies | Other Legal Studies | Politics and Social Change | Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative, and Historical Methodologies | Race and Ethnicity | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Women's Studies


Recent reports by the United Nations and local non-governmental organizations present a troubling increase in incidents of violence against Palestinian women in Palestine. These are cases of domestic violence, where the attackers are Palestinians, and political violence, where the attackers are Israeli settlers and soldiers. These violent incidents include attacks on body and property. Most incidents are neither dealt with by the Palestinian authorities nor by the Israeli government and judicial system. There is not sufficient international pressure to enforce justice. The purpose of this study is to offer alternative ways to prevent violent crimes, enforce relevant laws, and provide redress to victims. I compare the struggle of Palestinian women against violence with struggles of other marginal women around the world, especially Aboriginal women in Australia. I am using Aboriginal women as a comparison to Palestinian women based on the premise that the problem of violence against them is a result of discrimination that is based on gender, race, culture, nationality, and class, all factors that make them marginal. I present recommendations for remedies expected to be executed by Israel, the Palestinian society, the Palestinian Authority, and the United Nations as the authority to enforce international law. To achieve my goals for this study, I conducted interdisciplinary research, drawing from feminist, racist, criminal justice, international law, social and political science and legal frameworks.