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Liberal Studies


Susan F. Semel

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Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education


French, Francophonie, Bilingual, New York, Public schools


The French bilingual programs in New York City public schools show the liveliness and diversity of the Francophonie. The French dual language programs in particular also reunite very different interests. There are the expected interests of communities wanting to keep a home language strong. Francophone parents wanting their children to use the language as an asset for a head start in the education race. English speaking parents, attracted by the language and its culture and wanting to give a head start to their monolingual children, as the world of business, and of science is multilingual. Schools and school principals are also very keen, as they want to have an edge or improve their school enrollment and reputation by implementing a dual language program, as they will attract highly motivated families who have lobbied for it as well as middle class families. The New York City Department of Education sees the dual language classes as the expression of their student’s body diversity.These classes may also provide a welcome answer to the de-facto segregation.