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Anne Stone

Committee Members

Janette Tilley

Richard Kramer

Dana Gooley

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Cultural History | Musicology


France, nineteenth century, music journalism, pianism, aesthetics, canon formation


This dissertation examines the French music journal entitled Le Pianiste, published in Paris from 1833 to 1835. Through an analysis of the journal’s contents, it reconsiders the nature of music journalism and musical life in Paris at the time it was in print, focusing in particular on canon formation and the power of the press. Le Pianiste’s remarkably detailed descriptions and analysis of the French music world challenge long-held perceptions of the era about taste and reception history, yet it remains an unstudied document. While past work on the music press has focused on criticism and reception, this project probes the very nature of music journalism itself as a vehicle for power, influence, and money and aims to elucidate the complex relationship between composer, publisher, and critic, who in the case of Le Pianiste’s writers, were one in the same.



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