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Capstone Project

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Liberal Studies


Matthew Gold

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Digital Humanities


Infrastructure, Installation, Workshops, Pedagogy, Omeka, Programming


Education in the use and manipulation of Digital Humanities (DH) tools is rife with challenges, stemming from issues of knowledge (ie, how to install, configure, and work with DH tools on a variety of devices) and resources (access to hardware and software). Particularly in an academic environment, humanities scholars may not only lack access to institutional devices, but their drive to experiment with new programs may run counter to the security concerns of their information technology department personnel. DH Box, originally developed as a project for an introduction to DH course, was conceived as a solution to these challenges: a toolset that would offer simpler setup and execution of DH instruction, to create an easy-to-deploy learning environment for DH students. The project has cycled through a number of iterations, from local installs to a cloud-based solution, and in its current form has been tested in several classroom and workshop scenarios. This testing has confirmed its utility with respect to the challenges of learning DH tools and has informed its continued development. With growing awareness and further development, it is anticipated that DH Box will see still wider adoption. (1270 kB)
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