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Liberal Studies


David T. Humphries

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Economics | International Relations


Supported by a critical component that traces back the Egyptian revolution of 2011 to its roots in the post-Nasser era when the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces assumed nearly complete political and economic control over the country, this novella, based in New York City, looks at the crisis through an American lens. As the story progresses the protagonist learns that the conditions which precipitated the events in Egypt can be viewed at once as both a product of American capitalism and Egyptian complicity, as well as act as a mirror, albeit on a magnified scale, of the changing socio-economic changes in the American landscape over the past few decades. What helps the protagonist discover this common link is his exposure to various characters and events that present the competing ways in which these issues are framed in trans-national cultural and economic contexts, and consequently, how they operate on different registers of entertainment and social efficacy.