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Liberal Studies


Anna Akasoy

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International Relations


European security is shaped by major events. In this perspective, the attacks of 9/11 and the bombings which took place in Madrid and London are marked as turning points in the EU's counter terrorism history. It was only after 9/11 that counter terrorism became a strategic priority for the EU and the Union started to develop extensive policies to tackle the threat of terrorism. Responding to terrorism threats is crucial for the EU's existence as an area of security and prosperity. Thus, the EU has been creating a complex and multidimensional counter terrorism approach through the implementation of wide-ranging instruments such as police and judicial cooperation, prevention of terrorism financing or protection of infrastructure. This work focuses on the development of the EU's multidimensional counter terrorism approach in a historical context. The legal and institutional counter terrorism frameworks which developed especially after 9/11 will be examined and the changes introduced with the Lisbon Treaty will be discussed. Since terrorism has been approached as an internal security matter in Europe, the majority of the counter terrorism cooperation at the European level is found in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Area (AFSJ). Therefore, this study aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the EU's counter terrorism policies with a particular focus on the AFSJ.