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John M. Graziano

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19th-C New Orleans; 19th-C New York; French Opera; Italian and "Englished" Operas; Reception Studies; Transatlantic Studies


This dissertation examines the influence of French opera through the touring New Orleans French Opera Company’s summer seasons in early nineteenth-century New York City. In that burgeoning operatic environment, I provide an account of the company’s interaction with both resident and traveling opera companies, beginning with the visit of Manuel García’s company in 1825–26. The French Opera Company, which performed in 1827–33, 1843, and 1845, brought new approaches in performance practice and current opera repertoire to the New World. While Italian opera companies were sought after, I demonstrate that the works coming from Paris—either in French or in English translation—were both critically admired and more successful with audiences than the Italian works. In addition, I include details about the New York French community that demonstrate the influence of the Old World. Over a span of two decades, foreign-language opera in New York City began as a cultural experiment and ended in a flood of touring companies. The performances and reception of the New Orleans French Opera Company were integral in laying the foundation for future companies.

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