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Spring 3-2015


This essay will outline the digital collections of the Lesbian Herstory Archives with an emphasis on process and workflow. The paragraphs below will describe the efforts put forth by the all- volunteer collective, and their dedication toward making materials accessible through the use of digital technology to preserve, catalog, and exhibit lesbian herstory. Interviews with Archive Coordinators, called “Archivettes”, Rachel Corbman on the Online Public Access Catalog, Saskia Scheffer on Photos, and Maxine Wolfe on Audio, will provide examples of LHA digital practices in the creation and maintenance of the Photo Collection, OPAC, and Audio Tape Digitization projects. Additional mention will include the Newsletter Digitization, Periodical Digitization, and the Subject File Digitization projects. Collaboration between LHA volunteers and outside institutions will prove successful for each of these projects. The complex relationship of money to digital initiatives will be examined. These overviews will provide insight as to how digital collections are created and considered at the Lesbian Herstory Archives.


This work was originally published in "Queers Online: LGBT digital practices in libraries, archives, and museums," edited by Rachel Wexelbaum (Litwin Books, 2015)



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