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Suicide rates among soldiers and veterans of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF) have been steadily growing since 2004, with sharp increases observed more recently. Suicides in the Army are a growing concern on Capitol Hill and in the media. Last month, the Senate Armed Services Committee held hearings on the growing incidence of suicides across the armed forces (Federal city digest, 2009, March 18). The Associated Press (AP) underlined the increasing suicide rates among Army personnel (Army reports sharp rise in suicides in January, 2009, Feb. 5). According to the AP, there were 64 suicides in 2004, and this number has doubled in 2008, with 128 confirmed deaths and 15 pending investigation. This is the largest number of suicides among active-duty soldiers in the Army observed in the past 28 years (Kuehn, 2009).


This work was originally published in Newsletter of the Society for Occupational Health Psychology.



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