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Review (of Book, Film, Etc.)

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Summer 2017


Sinister Wisdom Issue 3, published the year 1977 holds an essay by poet Adrienne Rich, titled, “It is the lesbian in us...”; The cover of the same issue has art by photographer Tee Corinne. Sinister Wisdom is a multicultural lesbian literary and art journal. This non-fiction creative essay written by Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz reflects on the first year of Sinister Wisdom's publication as a celebration of 40 years through this special edition anniversary print for which only 1000 have been printed. The essay remarks on the shift in lesbian identity and community and the potential impact of the Sinister Wisdom journal via an interaction of two lesbians and a review of the Rich essay and Corinne print.


This item is a replica of the glossy print for which there are only 1000 copies in circulation. It was printed "anticipating Sinister Wisdom’s Croning in 2026: Part 1 of 10."



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